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Captains log: 4:59 AM

I was thinking, do you know what I miss more than anything right now?


everything about it

creating something so brilliant out of nothing

I mean look at photography today, it is so fast, nearly instantaneous

I miss the smell when you pop open a filmĀ canisterĀ for the first time

The glow emitted from inside the dark room

Waiting patiently while your blank white paper comes to life submerged in developer

The grainy texture, the tones, the crispness of holding a film photograph in your hand as you pull it out of the water bath

The art of film photography is something that many people today may not have the opportunity to experience in the future. I hope everyone does though, because creating art out of nothing, just a collection of seconds captured forever on a piece of paper is somethingĀ unbelievable.